A powerful blend of life & business coaching

Life & business coaching with Chris Fawcett coaching provides you the ability to better yourself and ensure that you are reaching your targets! By utilising Neuro Linguistic Programming, it gives you a purpose driven approach that provides effective results..  

No matter what your aims and objectives are, whether you want more time at home to spend with your family, you want to become a triathlete or even create a 7-figure business, all areas of your life need to be considered. The blend of coaching you receive from Chris Fawcett Coaching will allow you to achieve everything you want and more!

we will


Identify what you want from life, who you want to become and why!


Identify where you are right now and what is currently holding you back from achieving your goals


Release any negative emotions and limiting beliefs from your past that may be preventing you from succeeding


Create a laser focused plan for you to work with that works for you and your life

The journey must be fun and fulfilment is extremely important. The idea of success without fulfilment is not success. We must know where we want to go but we must enjoy the journey to getting there & be grateful for the learnings on the way!


Coaching packages are tailored to suit your individual needs with a complimentary 30-minute strategy call to help provide an understanding of your personal requirements. Once your requirements have been decided upon,  a strategy can be formulated. Coaching sessions can last from 30-90 minutes depending on the line of coaching which is most suited to you and your needs.


The coaching packages which are currently on offer are a minimum 3-month investment to ensure that you get maximum value from the time invested into becoming a better version of yourself and also to provide a suitable time scale to reach the specific outcome which you agreed!

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