My journey to becoming a life and business coach was not a traditional one but I wouldn't change where it has brought me to today! 

my journey 

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My journey into life & business coaching was not an obvious one. I was born and raised in Leeds, West Yorkshire I was adopted as a child and whether or not that has made any difference to my life I do not know. I have always strived to do well in life and have had an inherent feeling of wanting to help others. 

After going through my education, I found myself working in the construction industry as a project manager. It was in this time I saw my superior's struggling with their mental health in both a personal and professional sense. 

In January 2017 I decided to take some time out of the working world and go travelling across South America a trip which truly changed my life and taught me the values of love - health - happiness.

Fast forward a few months and I was coming home and working in London for a friend who was Operations Manager of a Modular construction contractor but it was in this time that the penny dropped when I was asked 'what do you want from 2019?' I couldn’t answer and realised it was essential to work on my personal development.

That Christmas I visited Australia for 5 weeks and I had bought a number of books which I believe changed the course of my life forever! I had found a purpose and I had begun to form a plan. 

In September 2019 I started a new role as a Construction Manager for a large contractor with a view that this would be my last role in Construction before I could take Chris Fawcett Coaching full-time! It was the best job ever, it allowed me the time off I required to learn and study for my Master Practitoner of NLP which was an 11 day training period in November of 2019, and it also allowed me to begin my public speaking journey as I hosted two Mental Health & Well-Being workshops within my role speaking to up to 60 guys at one time. In the time between September and October I started to shift away from solely focusing on coaching people within construction, I started working with a beautician in New Zealand, a Counsellor/Coach in the UK. Property investors, online traders, IT  specialists, Financial planners, Machine Engineers & and I was coaching 3 times a month across the world for my fiancée too, an amazing group of Social media experts across the globe.

Chris Fawcett Coaching has been launched to help you become the best version of yourself, through taking control of your life and career!



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