A powerful and immersive experience where you will blast away the negative beliefs and self-doubt that is holding you back 

The transformation day experience which is provided is a bespoke day tailored to your specific needs. This ensures that the desired results are being achieved by utilising a host of services such as neuro linguistic programming, time line therapy & hypnosis to create an immersive and life changing experience. 


Holding onto negative beliefs and emotions has a massive impact on how we think and act in the future, it is essential for us to release these to be able to begin living the life that you deserve.

The beliefs and patterns of behaviour which are stored within the unconscious part of our mind are run like a programme on a computer, a transformation day will help reset those beliefs and patterns allowing you to create new beliefs and begin to take positive action towards your goals.

The unconscious mind is a powerful instrument and it is naturally designed to protect us. Unfortunately at times that protection can be misguided and prevent us from living the life which we want. All of  this will be uncovered within the day and you will leave  refreshed, recharged and with new beliefs about your own abilities. 

Before the end of the Transformation Day, a comprehensive plan will be created to plan for the future with your new found positivity and beliefs. A month after the transformation day, a follow us session will take place in order to check in on your new life and ensure that progress is being made!


A typical transformation day will run from 8.30am – 5pm with some preparation prior to the session required in order to ensure that the time spent together is used most effectively. Both the venue and refreshments will be provided throughout the day all that is required is that you come with an open mindset!


  • Alleviates Stress

  • Overcoming fear & anxiety

  • Increasing confidence

  • Releasing negative emotions

  • Releasing limiting beliefs 

  • Improving health & well-being

  • Improving relationships

ideal for

  • Short on time

  • Want a fast, life changing result

  • You know you have some areas of your life that require specific attention

  • You are about to embark on a large project such as: setting up a business or moving country

  • You want to become the best version of yourself

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